Amazon Associate Program


Probably the easiest way to make money online

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is now the World's Richest Man. Amazon is a behemoth, an enormous organisation. You can leverage this success for your own gain by working the Amazon Affiliate Program. its free to join and become an Affiliate and when you recommend products or services or blog about a product's merits or its drawbacks, if they click and then buy it or they choose some other product to buy on Amazon within 24 hours; you get paid. It really is that easy. For all your questions just visit the Amazon Associates Resource Centre or Amazon Associates Central, for USA where the referrer can get paid up to 15%


Okay so what to promote?

Ok let's say you have a hobby, you race radio controlled RC cars

    or you brew your own beer. Create an online presence, a website or a blog  to provide some value about your niche subject, you can link to a radio controlled car sold by Amazon or to a Brooklyn Brew Shop home-brew Beer Making Kit sold on Amazon. They might not buy it but they might click through and end up buying a top notch Sager laptop, or a new Zinus Upholstered bed, products you didn't even promote but Amazon tracks that it was you that sent them to the site and BOOM YOU GET PAID if the purchase is within the 24 hours. The more traffic you send the more the sales rocket. You could even just run ads without a website. PPC or Facebook ads for instance.


Example: How to become an Amazon Affiliate

So you wanna be an Amazon Affiliate. Well it is called Amazon Associates and first I'd recommend you browse the self help books available on this topic of how to make money as an Amazon Associate: Get yourself a step-by-step guide from this selection: 

Want to become an Amazon Associate? 

Then check out this "How to" Amazon Associate book!

So in the example, because this website is about Affiliate Marketing, it fits the niche to promote these on topic Amazon Associate self help books sold on Amazon and once visitors are sent to Amazon if they buy a book, or they buy something else a watch for instance, Amazon could pay the referrer up to 15% of the sale price. 

use relevant ad images to match webpages' words, like this: