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Who is Russell Brunson?

Who is this rich kid, from Boise, Idaho? He looks about 19 years old! People often ask "How old is Russell Brunson"?  Well he's only 40 & he has 5 kids! He's a Mormon and frequents church. He talks super fast and was probably a prolific chipmunk in a previous life. Alvin, perhaps? Listening to Russell is time well spent as he has so much to teach and due to the speed that he exudes professional expert secrets you can get done in one hour what other, less knowledgeable mentors would take a few hours to spit out half-cooked. Honestly, once you attune to his voice it is like mass cramming of expert info into your brain, you can't fail but to have some of that stick. Though there are some affiliates who have chosen to slow down the speed of playback in order to catch everything the man has to say. Genius is a word that has become used too much in this day and age to describe anything slightly better than average. Though Russell is a Genius in the true sense of the word and if you choose to leverage his genius by listening and implementing what he teaches, you too can capitalize on this wave of knowledge and as he says;

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    As an author he has a huge following and is well known in the industry as a mover and shaker. It's difficult to pigeon hole Russell as he is all over the place, doing all sorts of things. He's an ideas man who's ideas keep an army of staff and affiliates tuned in to his every new move. His best selling book DotComSecrets has sold over 100,000 copies. His second book is called Expert Secrets has sold over 150,000 copies, it is all about creating a tribe, a mass movement of people who will pay you for your advice.  

Then there is ClickFunnels, a software company that Russell has created. Now this is very clever. The gist of the sales pitch behind it is that your website is dead, instead you need a sales funnel. What's a sales funnel? Is the common response. It makes sense, you know because it was not that long ago that the internet was born and you needed a website to showcase yourself, your business or your service business. Which is fine (so long as you knew HTML right!) but then came the plethora of tools to learn how to also integrate, the shopping carts, the autoresponders, your email opt-in forms etc, etc you need a web developer if you can't do it yourself. You get it all right and then all of a sudden your website gets hacked, the content is overtaken with adult content and you have to work out how to fix it or more often pay tech heads to retrieve it all. it's a giant headache and all the time your potential customer is struggling to actually buy stuff and then they give up, they are gone, to a competitor's website who has their stuff together more! 

ClickFunnels is aimed at getting the all important sale made right off the bat, or at least getting their email address so you can sell them anything in future. It is also geared at offering other offers, upsells, downsells, one time offers, special deals there and then to get them from web visitor to customer and then repeat customer. What's more using ClickFunnels or even just being an affiliate via the all new Affiliate Bootcamp, without even using ClickFunnels:

(N.B. You are automatically an affiliate if you use ClickFunnels) 

Russell will Buy your DREAM CAR for you, seriously! 

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Affiliate Bootcamp (ClickFunnels Affiliate)

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